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How Porn Affects Teens

A teen [or child] who views porn and makes internal assumptions about the purposes, motivations, bodily requirements, etiquette [and so forth] of sexual acts without the guidance, education, and wise filtering explanations of an adult [making the gross assumption that the adult has a… Continue Reading “How Porn Affects Teens”

5 Reasons to Talk to Your Teen About Porn

REASON #1: It can be psychologically traumatizing and is often associated with symptoms listed under several diagnosable mental disorders.  Please do not misunderstand this section. The equation I’m proposing is that these diagnoses can be symptoms of an underlying porn addiction, but that not… Continue Reading “5 Reasons to Talk to Your Teen About Porn”

Liv-a-cide: Discovering Preventative Measures for Suicide

Let me start with an explanation of the experience I had writing the information below. When I set out to understand, solve, or explain something better, I usually ask myself three questions about the problem: “What is it?”, “How is it?”, “Why is it?”.… Continue Reading “Liv-a-cide: Discovering Preventative Measures for Suicide”

Trauma: The Signs and Symptoms

PURPOSE OF THIS POST: I wanted to write this post to help aid parents in seeing some of the signs/symptoms of trauma in their children. Trauma symptoms can be sneaky and hide very well behind what most think are normal adolescent behaviors. The phrase… Continue Reading “Trauma: The Signs and Symptoms”

Trauma, Loss, and Grief

Defining Trauma The definition for trauma is kind of brief for me. What is traumatic for us is defined by our expectations [conscious or subconscious/assumed]. In other words: The root of trauma is when our expectations are unmet. Because there are no objective rule… Continue Reading “Trauma, Loss, and Grief”