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How Porn Affects Teens

A teen [or child] who views porn and makes internal assumptions about the purposes, motivations, bodily requirements, etiquette [and so forth] of sexual acts without the guidance, education, and wise filtering explanations of an adult [making the gross assumption that the adult has a…

5 Reasons to Talk to Your Teen About Porn

REASON #1: It is psychologically traumatizing and thus is associated with several forms of diagnosed mental disorders. When a teen stops viewing porn and is in Counseling the following symptoms could potentially be alleviated. Please do not misunderstand this section. The equation I’m proposing…

Hello I’m Addiction

Hi I’m secrecy. I hide because I know I’m wrong. I don’t tell anyone what you see or do because I know it’s wrong and I know it would hurt others feelings if I told them what I was doing with my free time….