Services and Fees

While I welcome anyone coming through my door [individual adults, couples, families], I have found that my niche is working with adolescents and emerging adults.

My clinical focus and personal experience draws me to providing treatment of depression, anxiety, trauma, and addiction [chemical dependency and process addictions].

*All sessions are self pay* 

Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy

$120 (45 minute duration)

A common therapy session incorporates many parts of typical conversation. Speaking, listening, reasoning, empathizing, reacting, validating. You and I will speak about your concerns, your accomplishments, your pain, your goals and aspirations. You will educate me and at other times I will educate you on the processes as they appear in session. Therapy is starting a healing relationship with another person who has training and experience in healing another human being emotionally. It’s an opportunity to get to know yourself through another person’s eyes; to gain insight into your story through outward reflecting. I have found that people [not things] hold the strongest potential forces we experience in life: Hurting and healing. No one can hurt us like another person, and no one can heal us like another person. One of my responsibilities as your therapist is to help coach you on recognizing and relinquishing the “hurting” relationships and growing the “healing” or therapeutic relationships.

Group Therapy

$90 (1 hour duration)

Group Program: Stages of Healing. A group curriculum developed by Adam Bertoch for teenagers between 13-18 years old that will catalog the stages of emotional healing. It will meet once a week over a 4 week period. A copy of the curriculum will be handed out to each parent during the first session. The next group TBA. 

Please email to book a slot for this group.

No Shows and Cancellations:

(please call 24 hours prior to appointment to avoid late cancellation fees)