Adam Bertoch, MS, LCDC, LMFT

Professional Experience:

Adam is dually licensed in the State of Texas as a Marriage and Family Therapist [LMFT] and Chemical Dependency Counselor [LCDC]. He began his career counseling adolescents in juvenile justice and corrections centers in both Idaho and Texas and later in a family therapy clinic in Lubbock, Texas. He and his wife and two daughters moved to Spring, Texas in 2016 where he became the Clinical Director of the dual diagnosis intensive outpatient [IOP] and partial hospitalization programs [PHP] at New Dimensions Day Treatment Center of the Woodlands. Shortly after his third daughter was born, in the spring of 2018, he opened up his private practice, On The Mend Counseling, where he enjoys working with adolescents and their families to form for themselves centers for healing, connection, and belonging as well as providing individual and couples therapy. Adam departs from traditional views of psychopathology as a disease an individual carries within themselves. Instead, he focuses on the diagnosis as a response to trauma or perceived relational/attachment injuries and threats. In other words, he views clinical terms like depression, anxiety, and even addiction, in the context of their function within a persons relationships with self and other. He works diligently to see and hear each person’s unique emotional language in hopes to unlock a greater capacity for establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships. Adam believes that our mental health is defined by our capacity to be seen and to see others, to be heard and to hear others, and to be found and to find others. Anything that interrupts that process is a problem [or sometimes an attempted solution] to be explored, understood, and confronted. Because the therapeutic work is challenging and often painful, Adam commits to provide a level of compassionate attention only another human being can provide.

Family Life:

Outside of his educational experience, Adam’s life experiences (including being a father of 3 daughters and a husband to a beautiful, creative, intelligent, and fun loving wife) have led him to develop great care and concern for the precious and powerful connection between parents and their children.


Adam enjoys singing, song writing, playing guitar and piano, engaging in spiritual activities, and studying philosophy. He enjoys spending time playing with and educating his daughters. He loves being in nature, goofing off, appreciating fast cars, and spending as much time as he can with his wife and kids.

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